Car Cleaning and Detail Services

  • Biodegradable: First and foremost, the product should state that it has been tested by a third-party certifier to ensure that it will biodegrade in the environment within a certain period of time (less than 30 days would be ideal). This ensures that it won’t be persisting in the environment for an extended period of time.Free of petroleum ingredients: By their very nature, petroleum-based products are not sustainable or renewable, and so you should avoid them whenever possible. They also tend to be laced with unhealthy properties.Non-toxic ingredients: Many car cleaning products use toxic ingredients such as silicon, mineral spirits, and petroleum distillates that can cause both human and environmental illness. Look for options that have the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Design for the Environment (DfE) seal of approval to ensure that your auto detailing products have a low chemical risk and are made in an energy efficient fashion. Plant-based ingredients are also a great option.Phosphate-free: Common in soaps, phosphates reduce oxygen levels when they enter waterways which encourages the growth of algae that in turn squelch all other marine life.Waterless car cleaners: Choosing a waterless car cleaning system will help you do your own car cleaning without wasting the 140 gallons of water common to DIY car washers.Reusables: You’ll also want to look for a car care system that don’t require the use of disposable products that just add to landfill waste and cost you money. Microfiber clothes are a great option since they can be used hundreds of times without losing their effectiveness.
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