Ebay Selling Business Without Investment in Stock

Isn’t it a great idea of making some extra bucks from promoting other peoples products online. If you’re looking to develop your own eBay selling business without investment in stock, dropshipping is an excellent way to start your own business online, allowing you to make a living from it but let’s not forget that if you deal with the wrong dropshippers, you can end up running into big problems for yourself.

Simply stated in this drop ship method of selling the trick is that the customer thinks they have purchased the product from you solely and ideally they are the wholesaler or manufacturer that actually sent them the product. This means that you merely do the advertising, receive orders at your address, and then forward the orders to your suppliers with your wholesale price and they send the item to your customer. It is an easy way to sell but like so many other things in this business, there are two sides to the story and you have probably only heard one side- the side that merchandise promoters want you to know but do know the other side. how to sell my business

One of the major disadvantages to dropshipping is that you take the blame if something goes wrong because your customers only cares about their ordered items does not bother what you are encountering. They only know that you took their money and they did not get their ordered product! There is also greater possibility of a scam. So never part with your money unless you are confident about the deal. Next disadvantage is delivering information about the product for which you will have to contact the supplier and then contact the customer which is time consuming. Having no control over the inventory that you are selling and over how fast the item is re-stocked and shipped is another big disadvantage. Sometime serious delay gives rise to annoyance among the customers and a bad name to your reputation.

The strategy to take the responsibilities of your dropshippers actions is at your disadvantage because the customer knows only you and so you will end up being the one who is responsible for any kind of error in the process of delivering the ordered goods to the customers. You will have to then apologize and set matters straight with the customer on the other end. In this world of competition you have to keep your head always active in this game because other people can end up selling the same product from the current dropshipper that you utilize, thus decreasing your profits. Therefore it is important that you take care of all these disadvantages to run your online business successfully.

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