Playing Limit Texas Hold Em Vs No Limit Hold Em

Most poker players, particularly online, start out  playing No Limit Hold em. When changing to a game like HORSE that involves Limit Hold em, trying to apply some of the same strategies as No Limit will not work very well. Specifically, how to play a hand before the flop can vary greatly in Limit Hold em.

The tendencies of most players is to raise with good-premium hands, or simply hands that they wish to play in Limit Hold em.  However, in Limit, you do not have the potential to raise as much as you do in No Limit or to simply go all-in. So,  that pre-flop raise is likely to be called by a myriad of other hands in a Limit game, where it would not be in a No Limit game. Usually a raise will result in a the Blinds staying in if they have a hand with any potential at all, in a Limit game, whereas in a No Limit game, you might raise 2.5-3X the Big Blind resulting in the Blinds folding.  Obviously, this could change late in tournament play, but that is another subject. 텍사스홀덤

So, what this means is that you have to play a little bit differently post flop. Again, you can only lead out with a bet equal to the Big Blind, so if your hand did not hit the flop (and chances are good that it didn’t) be prepared for someone else to call or even raise you, whether they hit the flop or not. At this point, you probably have to fold your hand unless you have a previous read on this player. By contrast, you could lead out with a pot sized bet in a No Limit game and likely take down the pot right there.

Another aspect of Limit that you need to keep in mind, is that it is easier (cheaper) to draw to hands than it is in No Limit. For example, if you get into a pot with 9d-Td and the flop comes Ad-6s-2d, you would probably not get the pot odds to chase this flush down because of a big bet somebody pairing their Aces might make. However, in Limit, you can simply call a BB sized bet and price yourself right into the draw, both on the Turn and sometimes the River. The same can be said for pocket pairs. Your 8-8 is worth seeing another card when the flop comes Q-T-2. You would probably have to fold this hand to a large bet/raise in a No Limit game.

All in all, I like to play Limit Hold or games that involve Limit Hold em because many times I am up against players who are schooled in No Limit. The many nuances of Limit are foreign to these players a lot of times and make these games very profitable for those that have put in the time to learn them.

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